How To Add A DIY Ventilator To Your Bed To Ventilate Your Bedroom?

We will give you great tips on how to create a queen-worthy bed with an interesting DIY design. In this DIY sharing that will draw your attention, we will answer the question of how to create a unique room that will increase the positive energy of your room instead of your old and stuffy rooms. What you need for this is a fan. If you do not know how to do it yourself, assuming that you are not a technician, this is quite difficult, in which case you can obtain it at a nearest dealer.
Mount the fan on the bottom of your bed and drag the outside towards the window. Or if you think that nothing can be seen, in this case, you can hide it below. Now you have designed a comfortable and spacious bed suitable for queens!


Works great! Only vent in room was also the only place to put a queen bed...darn old house...
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